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First of all, many people think that the installation of LED lamps is very easy, but the installation of LED panel lamps is certainly a technical work. A little carelessness can easily leave a hidden danger. Therefore, the following points must be paid attention to before installation:

1. The installation master must be a licensed professional electrician.

2. Check the integrity of the goods when they are taken out of the packing box.

3. The distance between commodity and inflammable data shall be at least 0.2m. Attention shall be paid to separate low voltage and high voltage wiring.

4. The wiring at the back of the lamp can be fixed with wire clamps to ensure firm fixation.

5. Ensure that the power cord of the luminaire has sufficient length and is free from tension or tangential force. Avoid excessive pulling force when connecting lamps and lanterns, and do not knot the wires. Pay attention to the difference between the output wiring and other lamps.

6. After installation, connect the lamp input end and switch to connect the lamp low-voltage plug and switch power low-voltage plug.

7. Connect the tail of the switch power supply of the luminaire with the mains supply. Generally, the brown (black) line is the front line and the blue line is the zero line.

8. Non professional personnel shall not disassemble or repair.www.blurred.com

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