What should we do if the budget of Xinchang decoration is not enough? Then it’s time for you to use this kind of decoration

What should we do if the budget of Xinchang decoration is not enough? Then it’s time for you to use this kind of decoration

Now the house price is higher and higher. When buying a house, we spend almost all our savings. The next decoration pressure is a little big, layout, design, materials, construction, etc., all want to use the best, but have no strength to achieve. So what is the way to save money and reduce pressure as much as possible without affecting the quality and effect? Of course, we have to look at this in several steps!

Decoration method and payment method

1. If you choose the right way to decorate and pay, you can instantly reduce your economic pressure and save a lot of costs. One of the best ways to guarantee quality and save money is to clear, half and half of the whole package! If the payment method is to sign a contract and pay a percentage of the decoration money, then the economic pressure will not be low.

2. The payment method of decoration before payment can greatly reduce the economic pressure. After each type of work is completed, the payment is made after the acceptance. The construction period of each type of work may be as short as ten days, and the long (like painting) may take about a month. If both husband and wife work, can the salary be used to pay for each type of work (even if it is not enough, it also relieves a lot of economic pressure)

Materials and construction

1.装修的Materials and construction因为预算不足而草率选择,刚入住肯定没有什么大的问题。时间一长就会问题频发,所以千万不能在Materials and construction上节省。(特别是水电材料、厨房的燃气灶和热水器等、各种柜门的小五金等等)

2. There will be water in toilets, kitchens and balconies, especially in toilets. Therefore, the waterproof layer of the toilet is better to be full of walls, and avoid the water vapor intrusion into the opposite room in the future. If the kitchen can be made waterproof on the ground, it’s better to avoid some unexpected discoveries that will affect the neighbors downstairs.

3. The materials can also be saved, for example, it is unnecessary to buy large brand tiles, which can use tiles of the same quality with higher cost performance and similar style; latex paint can be used with ordinary ones, without super brand; furniture boards can be used with paint free boards, and other high-grade boards are unnecessary!

Decoration effect

Decoration effect也是一个大项,其实效果能够简单和谐就行。至于你说的效果是需要各种筒灯、射灯、水晶灯、复杂吊顶等来彰显的,那就算了吧。这些都是可以完全忽略,省下的可不止一两万吧。

In fact, the method of saving money in decoration is very simple. As long as it is hard to replace (electric wire and water pipe) in later life, and it is not convenient to dismantle, it is necessary to do a good job honestly first. Such as electrical appliances, furniture, soft clothes, etc. can be ignored without affecting the current life, and slowly added in the future.

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